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Now Available
Celluma Elite
Blue Light - Red Light - Infrared Light
Acne or Anti Aging treatments



Vitality Total Light
Versa Pro
Infrared Cocoon Pod



When it comes to tanning Sun HQ is the leader of the industry. We provide high end equipment far superior than other salons. Sun HQ was the first in Canada to bring you the KBL7900 Alpha Deluxe (UV & Red light) & the new Vitality TOTAL LIGHT by Ergoline (UV, Red light, Blue light & L.E.D Spectra facials). 



When it comes to Sunless we rise above the rest with not only one but two different sunless spray booths. The classic Mystic HD and the only Versa Spa Pro within 150 kms. Elevate your sunless game and tan like a pro.

Self Care


Sun HQ was the first to bring the Infrared Cocoon Wellness Pod to Durham Region. Relax & Unwind during your 30 minute session of ME time. With all three spectrums of infrared light (near, mid & far) you can tackle fine lines & wrinkles, heal cut & wounds quicker, improve sleep, flexibility & blood circulation. The Cocoon helps reduce inflammation & blood pressure, reduces aches & pains in joints & muscles and is great for weight management. Good things come to those who sweat!

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