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Celluma Elite


Blue light, Red light & Near Infrared light therapy treatments.

Red light treatments for Anti-aging & Blue light treatments to battle Acne.

(See Salon for pricing)

Celluma light therapy improves
cellular heath to reduce signs of aging, relieve pain, and eliminate acne.

How to use Celluma LED Light Therapy for Best Results

When it comes to using light therapy, whether it’s blue light therapy for acne, red light therapy for wrinkles and anti-aging issues, or near-infrared light therapy for pain, it’s best to develop an appropriate and doable routine. It’s a bit like going to the gym, if you join but don’t go, then you will not experience any of the many benefits of a gym membership.

Just like working out and exercising, the benefits of LED light therapy are cumulative. So, for best results expect to use the Celluma device at least two to three times a week. Use Celluma for up to 30 minutes per session for better and longer lasting results. However, if you are on any medications or have any conditions that prohibits the use of light therapy then be sure to check with your primary physician prior to use.


Acne results

Anti-aging results

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